Bird cage, Handicraft Company, Handicraft ManufacturersKarunia Sangkar Jogja is a bird cage craftsmen and equipment that stood since 1993. The company serves manufacturing cage with the design, size and model in accordance with the wishes of the buyer. This addition also provides a wide range of bird food and drug, providing a wide range of accessories, serving trade and repair cages.

Bird cage, Handicraft Company
Bird cage, Handicraft Manufacturers
Handicraft Company, Handicraft Manufacturers
Bird cageKarunia Sangkar Jogja is located at 212 P.Wirosobo street, Wirosaban, Sorosutan, Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia and has a showroom in the Pasty bird market, Dongkelan, Yogyakarta. The owner of this business is Muhammad Bashori. For more information, please email to the address or