Antique Necklace Leaf Handicrafts, wood Handicraft, Natural HandicraftNecklace handicraft products Antique leaf models made of wood with a leaf motif pendant forms a unique interesting, is a natural woodworking simple and attractive

Antique Necklace Bali handicrafts made of wood with a unique form of a pendant of carved sun design of simple hand and pulled, a natural craft and antique collection worth. Consists of two models that can be in the collection.

Antique Necklace Bali Handicrafts, wood handicraft, antique handicraft, handicraft designAntique Necklace Bali Handicrafts

Antique Necklace Bali Handicrafts #1, wood handicraft, antique handicraft, handicraft designAntique Necklace Bali Handicrafts #1

Bracelet Bali handicrafts made of wood with hand carved decoration of simple and attractive, is a natural craft and antique collection worth. Consists of three models that can be collected.

Antique Bracelet Natural Handicrafts, Wood handicraft, Homemade Handicraft, Antique HandicraftAntique Bracelet Natural Handicrafts

Antique Bracelet Natural Handicrafts #1, Wood handicraft, Homemade Handicraft, Antique HandicraftAntique Bracelet Natural Handicrafts #1

Antique Bracelet Natural Handicrafts #2, Wood handicraft, Homemade Handicraft, Antique HandicraftAntique Bracelet Natural Handicrafts #2

Antique Wood Crafts Necklace, Wood Handicraft, handicraft Design, Handicraft ProductHandicraft products Antique wooden necklace made of wood with a round shape unique pendant is simple and attractive, is a natural woodworking simple and attractive.

Abijasa Leather Goods, Leather Handicraft, Handcraft
Antique Puppets of natural Handicraft Collection. The name of Abijasa Leather goods

Balinese Eggs Natural Handicraft, Eggs Handicraft, Natural Handicraft, Handicraft, Antique HandicraftAntique Balinese Eggs Natural Handicraft Collection

Balinese Musician Statue made of wood teak is one of the natural craft suitable for collection. Consists of two options are equally good and antiques.

Balinese Musician Statue, Antique Handicraft, Natural Handicraft, wood Handicraft
Balinese Musician Statue #1

Balinese Musician Statue #2, Antique Handicraft, Natural Handicraft, wood Handicraft
Balinese Musician Statue #2

Antique Eggs Handicraft, Eggs Handicraft, Antique Handicraft, Handcraft
Antique Eggs Handicraft. Old fashioned cardboard Easter eggs

Eggs Natural Handicraft Ideas, Eggs handicraft, Handicraft IdeasEggs Natural Handicraft Ideas Collection

Eggs Handicraft Collections, Eggs Handicraft, Handmade Handicraft, Natural HandicraftEggs Natural Handicraft Collections

Vase Natural Handicraft for Collection, Natural Handicraft, Clay HandicraftVase Natural Handicraft made of clay with a simple design makes this a natural craft suitable for the collection. consists of two items of the vase and holder.

Leather Puppets Handicraft, Natural Handicraft, Antique Handicraft, HandicraftAntique Traditional Javanese Puppets crafted from buffalo's leather in Natural Handicraft Collection.

Antique Batik masks made of teak wood decorated with batik designs shades of beautiful. It is a natural craft antique, beautiful and impressive. There are two options equally attractive for the collection.

Antique Batik Mask Collection, Antique Handicraft,Wooden Batik Art, Handcraft
Antique Batik Mask Collection 1

Antique Batik Mask Collection 2, Antique Handicraft,Wooden Batik Art, Handcraft
Antique Batik Mask Collection 2

Antique Hand Fan Natural Handicraft, Leather Handicraft, Antique Handicraft, Homemade Handicraft, Handicraft, Natural Art
Antique Javanese Hand Fan Natural Handicraft made from Buffalo's leather

Antique Hand Fan Natural Handicraft Collection, Leather Handicraft, Antique Handicraft, Homemade Handicraft, Handicraft, Natural Art
Antique Javanese Hand Fan Natural Handicraft Collection made from Buffalo's leather

Javanese Wedding Couple, Clay Handicraft, Homemade handicraft
Javanese Wedding Couple wood statues

Modern Furniture from CV. Wira Mulya, Furniture, Handicraft Company, handicraftModern Furniture from CV. Wira Mulya. All of our furniture requests are produced at our own workshop. Thus the control and quality could be maintained starting from choosing raw materials, wood processing until finishing and will also take the advantage by having the best item in terms of quality and price at the due date. Our capacity production can be up to 5 containers of 40 feet each month.
We're also using choose raw materials with teak wood dried by an oven up to the optimal dry level. Our furniture also have more firm wood construction with the usage of wooden bolt. All the buyers are always satisfied with our service. Thus, they become our loyal buyers. Our design might be categorizes as a modern design one with a simple, functional and dominated by straight lines.

Jl. Imogiri Barat Km. 9 No. 100 X Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +62 274 7113577

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Furniture Construction by CV. Mieta, Handicraft Company, Big Handicraft, HandicraftThe Sturdiness Of The Custom Furniture Construction Made by CV.Mieta.
CV.Mieta is a specialist producer of the custom furniture that has been experienced in fulfilling the orders of various requirement specifications since 2002.
We are capable of producing various furniture products such as bedroom furniture, cabinets, and TV stands. One of the furniture bedroom products is the night stand. In addition to beautify the appearance of your bedroom with its simple designs, this product if quite functional. The surface of the night stand can be used as a table to put such things as table lamp, clock and memory photo frame. The lower drawer can be used as the container of personal goods such as wrist watch or agenda. CV.Mieta also produces multi purpose wooden cabinet with the traditional style and characterized by the face frame without the glass on the part of the body. The product that is completed with several drawers is suitable to be placed in not too large room at your house.
Nowadays, television has been a primary need that is present in almost every home. The position of the TV that often is placed in the living room needs strong TV stand that gives some accents. CV.Mieta produces sturdy wooden TV stand in order to fulfill such a need. The sturdiness of this TV stand can be seen from the thickness of the wood as the raw material.
The difference of our furniture from other similar products lies on the use of the joint techniques without the use of nails. All products are constructed using glue and interlock technique. The use of this technique produces more flexible and stronger furniture against shock or burden. The plus value of this technique is that the surface of the wood is smoother due to the omission of the nail that potentially causes cracks.
There is no compromise for the quality of our furniture. CV.Mieta is not interested in sacrificing the quality for the sake of targeting the order quantity. All processes in the making of the furniture from the beginning to the final process is done by experienced craftsmen in our workshop.
We keep secret of the designs of the custom furniture from the customers. This keeps the trust that the customers have given to CV Mieta.
We sell our products based on minimal order of one 20-feet container. Our customers are our partners to grow. The scheduling process of the order completion is done in order to adapt to our expectation and capability.
Acknowledgement to the furniture quality of CV Mieta has been proved by the export of the products to the European countries such as Italy, France, Netherlands, and Spain. For a couple of the last years we routinely export quality furniture to Singapore.

Jl. Bugisan Selatan Tirtonirmolo, Kasihan Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Phone/Fax: +62 274 384378
Phone: +62 81328598978

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Bamboo Handicraft by Mandiri Craft, Handicraft Company, Handicraft, Big HandicraftBamboo handicraft by Mandiri Craft. Realizing the potentials of bamboo, Mandiri Craft focuses on handcrafting furniture and home decor products made of bamboo cendani (BAMBUSA multiplex) that is eco-friendly.
Our best products:
- Bamboo Blinds
Recently, bamboo blinds have increasingly come into popular as one of graceful interior
- Bamboo Coffee Table
Beautifully crafted bamboo coffee table is very suitable for your patio / garden.
- Bamboo Shelves
Bring home the breezy and carefree feel of this Bamboo Shelves. It is also a sturdy solution to
all your storage needs.
- Bamboo Lamp-Shades
Bamboo lamp-shades creates a beautiful pattern of light and dark.

Jl. Kasongan No.19A Tirtonirmolo Kasihan Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Palem Handicraft Company, Handicraft Company, Handicraft, Natural HandicraftThe development of the contemporary interior designs runs quickly in line with the development of the rooms completing products. This is followed also by the shift of the taste and the definition of the customers who want functionality in addition to aesthetics for the spaces at their house. The lamp with various variants such as the floor lamps and the table lamps are the examples. In addition to functioning as the source of light, the lamp also serves to beautify the room that finally will create certain atmosphere. For you who want to have such lamps, please look at the beautiful products of the Palem Craft.
Palem Craft is the producer of various floor lamps and table lamps for the needs of the house rooms. The floor lamps and the table lamps do not only light with the twilight of its light but they also make the rooms look more beautiful through their aesthetic as well as exclusive shapes and designs.
The aesthetic element can be obtained, for example, from the use of many accents and natural ornaments. We design the natural material with the unique pattern and texture in such a way to produce beautiful, exclusive lamps. The natural materials for our creation include, among other, bamboo, banana stem, mahoni seeds, pumice, and the skin of the Cinese petai.
The natural beauty is combined with the interesting and beautiful lamp shapes and designs. As we can see on the bamboo stand lamp round "three stack" appearing enchanting with its elegant design. Bamboo stand lamp round "three stack" will give artistic accent to the room. The bright light of the lamp that seems to be hold by the bamboo 'frame' enable to expose the twilight calming your living room.
There are some points making the Palem Craft existing for eight years. We always keep the quality of our products. Tight quality control is started from the process of selecting the materials, finishing and shipping. In addition to quality, Palem Craft also pay attention to timely completion of the product as well as its shipment to the customers. This is done in order to keep the trust that the customers have given to us.
Palem Craft sells the products on the container-base by offering attractive price to the purchasers. The floor lamps and the table lamps made by the Palem Craft has penetrated international export markets such as Spain, the United States of America, Australia, and the Uni Emirate Arab.
Get the quality and the beauty of the floor lamps and the table lamps only at Palem Craft. An exclusivity that can be obtained at competitive price. Palem Craft, the reliable producer of the floor lamps and table lamps from Yogyakarta.

PALEM Handicraft Company
Office: Jl. Kha Dahlan No. 8 RT.09 / RW.03 Ngupasan, Gondomanan Yogyakarta 55122 Indonesia
Phone: +62 274 545485, +62 274 7138018, Fax: +62 274 548080

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Antique Batik Vases, clay handicraft, Homemade handicraftAntique Batik Vases beautiful clay

Lunar Handicraft Company, Handicraft Company, Handicraft, Natural Handicraft
Lunar Mulia Kreasi is best known as manufacturer and exporter. It is very easy to reach, located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. As one of the interior decorating manufacturer and exporter.
Lunar Mulia Kreasi has been known throughout Asia and some parts of the world. This is a great path for us to be able to expand our market in the future. We realize that there are many competitors not only around the Country but also from around the world. It makes us to be more creative and innovative to stand tough in the competition in this business. We have different style and quality of products from others and our regular customers recognize it.
Moreover, customers satisfaction is our priority. Therefore, we are always committed to give the best products to our customers.

Jl. Palagan Tentara Pelajar Km. 10,2 No. 45, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Phone/Fax: +62 274 865685

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Antique Place Umbrella, Antique Handicraft, Clay Handicraft, Homemade HandicraftAntique Places umbrella handicraft of clay with a simple model, but gives the impression of a beautiful, unique and antique.

Jogja Home Handicraft Company, Handicraft Company, HandicraftThe Collection of Export Quality Home Decors from Jogja Home Gallery.
Most people believe that any products that have penetrated foreign market must be of a good quality. Such a mindset is not wrong considering the tight standard set in foreign countries compared to that in Indonesia. It indirectly causes more good quality products flow out abroad. Furniture and home decor markets experience such phenomenon. However, have you ever imagined having various choices of export-quality furniture and home decors domestically? Jogja Home Gallery presents the answer for you.
Jogja Home Gallery is an exclusive gallery owned by Laduni Globalindo who is experienced more than 10 years in manufacture and export. Jogja Home Gallery prioritizes selected products, excellent designs with global taste for the exclusive market.
You can find many export-quality furniture products at Jogja Home Gallery. They range from cabinet, bench, accent tables, and display racks. The products of Jogja Home Gallery combine traditional and minimalist designs, which we call it contemporary design. In addition to contemporary furniture, Jogja Home Gallery also sells home decoration products such as table lamp, candle holders, wall mirrors and ceramic vases. All items are decorated with such natural ornaments as sand, rattan, and bamboo.
Our biggest customers come from European and African countries: Spain, Belgium, France, Denmark, Senegal and Mali. The trust becomes our proof and reference for you to buy the products of Jogja Home Gallery. Guarantee of competitive price and timely delivery are extra bonuses you may expect from us.

Jl. Arteri Ringroad Utara No. 60 Maguwoharjo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +62 274 488845, +62 274 488846
Fax: +62 274 488791


Dakon Handicraft with Motifs batik, wooden batik art, wood handicraftWhere a child's toy that people often referred dakon Indonesia with batik motifs designed, natural and gives the impression of antique but educate

Antique Clay Statue, Clay Handicraft, Homemade handicraftAntique statues from clay with a model bride Bali, unique and interesting to collection

CSF Craft Company, Handicraft Company, HandcraftTERRACOTTA MONEY BOX, VASES, LORO BLONYO (THE WEDDING COUPLE) - Terracotta Home Decor from CSF Craft.
Relief International (NGO from America) in cooperation with AUSAID, a donor institution from Australia, ran the post-earthquake livelihood recovery in Yogyakarta. The program was a training program that was dedicated to minor craftsmen in Kasongan. The training covered many things: from the design, raw material, management, to marketing. The materials were presented by the trainers from ISI Yogyakarta with experiences in craft industry and Pekerti foundation.
After undergoing a set of training activities, the craftsmen are ready to present new, fresh and beautiful works for you.
You may choose various earthenware vessels. There are money box, terracotta vases, and loro blonyo with three different making techniques and themes, namely laminating, decorative and ethnic. You can adapt the themes with those already exist in your home. Those craft products will be suitable and beautifully decorate you room corners. Besides, there are small-size money box and ceramic ornaments in the forms of animals and Javanese bridal couple. The small shape and size make them able to fill your display cupboard. Completed with beautiful and bright colours, they will surely attract any body looking at them.
In addition to earthenware vessels, we also make bamboo panel. It is a simple product with village nuance that has been exported to Australia. We send 1 container of bamboo panel to the Kangaroo Country every month.
We use a furnace with the capacity of producing as high as 900 degree heat. The common average of the furnace heat is only 700 degree. This results in strong and durable craft products of CSF KUB 34.
The products that you see in the catalogue are the first selling promoting for public. Make sure that you are the first to have them.

Kalipucang, Kasongan, Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +62 274 7817008

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Batik Flower Vase Handicraft, Clay Handicraft, Homemade HandicraftBatik flower vase made of clay that a simple process. Decorated with batik ornaments to decorate the vase of flowers, giving the impression of a beautiful and interesting.

Antique wood Basket Handicraft, wood handicraft, handicraftAntique Root Carving Basket footed bulbs made of wood in the form of a neat and simple concept. image shown is a simple natural handicraft and experienced but exclusive. suitable for the collection

Borobudur Art Handicraft Company, Handicraft company, HandicraftBOROBUDUR ART - The Beauty of Mini Cast Stone Artwork
On The Edge of a working desk, a small-scale statue of Buddha sits still. Meanwhile near the telephone table, several small-sized Borobudur stupas are neatly lined. On the room walls, wall depicting Ancient Sculptures Javanese trade activities entertain anyone in the room. A totally unique scene.
These artifacts and decorations of small Buddha statues, stupas, Sculptures and wall reliefs can be seen at Borobudur Art. Every Sculptures and statues are made in small sizes with original details similar to their full-scale counterparts. The materials used for these Sculptures is sand mixed with other substances which are then molded onto various Casts of statues or Sculptures. Results of this process are as solid as stones. The composition of materials is chosen based on the characteristics of the original version of the statue or wall sculpture. Wall Sculptures are placed onto wooden frames with natural finish in order to add its artistic value.
There are also religious-themed artworks such as the "Last Supper" wall sculpture and several calligraphic works. These cast stone artworks can be a very fascinating home or office decorations. Not only because they are small, they are also of good quality artwork.
Small is beautiful. If we choose to appreciate the Meanings of this saying, then we could understand that cast stone artworks from Borobudur Art can be a great choice for our working rooms, home, or office. In addition to its high artistic value, it also has religious, historic, and educational significances.

Jl. East Imogiri Km. 13, Karang Semut, Trimulyo, Jetis, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +62 274 7482743
Mobile: +62 8179445340


Pitcher Vase handicraft. vase flower pot model made of clay mixed with sand and then shaped and baked with firewood. after a half-finished goods and in the paint. Antiques and unique. suitable for decorating the living room.

Pitcher Vase Handicraft model 1, Clay Handicraft, Homemade handicraft,Antique vasePitcher Vase Handicraft Model 1

Pitcher Vase Handicraft model 2, Clay Handicraft, Homemade handicraft,Antique vasePitcher Vase Handicraft Model 2

Cheap Flower Vases, wood handicraftAntique vase made of wood shaped into vases and ornate carved peacocks. Impression to be shown on this vase is a natural and beautiful.

Arkananta Handicraft Company, Handicraft, Handicraft companyDesigned to beautify room with minimalist interior, Arkananta's furniture has practical and modern design concept and follow geometric basic shape without the ornament of carving contour. Most of Arkananta products use neutral colour and soil colour gradation.

Look at the flower vase which has the shape of 2 letters of C which rests on a stone tube in the middle. It will be strong accent to decorate window. The candle holder which is made of teak and combined with the stone is very suitable to give nuance of nature and romanticism in the minimalist styled dining room. Candle holder which is made of the combination of wood and aluminum is also available.

Arkananta also has elegant table lamp product for living room or reading room. If you need small lamp to place the lamp or the other furniture, Arkananta has elegant small table made of wood, while the upper part is in the form of trellis made of terrazzo.

Dusun Miri No. 136 RT. 05 RW. 19
Pendowo Harjo, Sewon, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Jl. Raya Kasongan (timur pohon beringin)
Phone: +62 274 7473628
Fax: +62 274 377818


Antique Wood Candle Holder, wood handicraft, candle holderAntique Wood Candle Holder made of wood shaped bulbs unique and interesting

Arthaindo Handicraft Company, Handicraft Company, Handicraft

To our perception, table lamp is not only functioned to enlighten the rooms. More than it, it's one of interior element which gives a unique and artistic touch. With our skillful and experienced hands, we produce and design table lamps to holistically bring an elegant and exclusive ambiance in your room.

Many hotels design their rooms by displaying our table lamps and some of our crafts as their accessories. We come to accommodate those who have exclusive and elegant styles because Arthaindo has emerged as a classy company in producing exclusive lamp shades and various table maps made from teak wood, fossil wood and stone, recycled papers and wires with artistic and exclusive designs. Besides producing exclusive lamp shades, we also produce various vases made from wires, ceramics and porcelain with artistic painting on it. Not to mention, a unique mirror with teak wood as its frame. Our top products have satisfied domestic needs and also been exported to United States and Australia.

ARTHAINDO Furniture Company :
Pelem Sewu Nomor C-1, Panggungharjo, Sewon, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +62 274 7496171, +62 274 3286012
Mobile: +62 817262522

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Vase of Clay Handicraft, Clay HandicraftVase in Natural Handicraft of white clay decorated with gold ribbon

Vase of Clay Handicraft, Natural HandicraftAntique Natural flower vase from clay pink ribbon decorated with gold color

Antique Flower vase made of the model bottle shaped timber bulbs unique and interesting