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Anna Craft is a reputed and established since 1990 as an Indonesian Handicraft and Furniture supplier, located in the city of Bantul-Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Our company is managed through professional and ethnic team with ten years experience in the manufacturing and exporting of Indonesian Handicraft and Furniture. With efficient quality work the company has expanded the national and international market level.
Our company has a successful history of supplying Indonesian Handicraft and Furniture item in various material and design. Our company has a long list of satisfied customers spread across Europe, USA, Spain, Middle East, South Africa and Asia Pacific. We are managed to keep its customers happy with our presentation of beautiful and unique Indonesian Handicraft and Furniture items. Nowadays the company offers a wide range of products, include pandanus, terracotta, rattan, wood, leather, coco stick etc. Our company also tries to attract the customers by developing new design using raw material of Indonesia. Our quality work enhances the elegance and excellence of our various creations.

ANNA CRAFT Company :
Nogosari RT. 07 RW. 25 Trirenggo, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Phone/Fax: +62 274 368468

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Table bar Home Handicraft, wood handicraft
Table bar with 3 tools in Home Handicraft

Timboel Furniture, Furniture, Handicraft CompanyWith more than 10 years of experience, Timboel Furindo always produces quality in every furniture product. The material used is recycled paper from East Java. The advantage of this kind of teak is the natural dryness. It produces drier wood compared with wood that is processed using oven. The dryness of wood processed by oven might change based on the time. However, the dryness of our furniture will never change. It is an advantage for us that our products belong to grade A for the kind of wood.
Timboel Furindo supplies many kinds and shapes of unfinished furniture for your consumers' need. The products are cupboard, table, chair, and shelf to display decoration.
The capacity of our production depends on your order. Your order will be finished on time. We are able to send 2 containers of furniture every month. Our relations come from domestic and foreign countries. Timboel Furindo is experienced in exporting to Nederland and Belgium. Paying system is done by giving 50% of the down payment after ordering (order clear) and when the products were put into container.
Timboel Furindo, a trusted supplier of many kinds and shapes of unfinished furniture which has a certain quality.

Jl. Karangnongko No. 249 Sewon Bantul Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Phone / Fax: +62 274 373832

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Chair Home Handicraft, Wood Handicraft
Single Chair Iron Wood of Home handicraft

Andro Craft Company, Handicraft Company, HandicraftAndro Craft has some vase products made in a unique and artistic way. These vases are also polished by batik colors and burnt to make an exceptional Javanese batik color which results to more appealing vases with shoelace marks and plant patterns.
Besides vases, Andro Craft also makes Loro Blonyo statue with its Balinese style and some ceramic table and chair with reasonable price. Our vases have been exported to some countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Georgia and United States.

Desa Wisata Kasongan, Kasongan, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +62 817262498

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Table Home Handicraft, Wood Handicraft
Antique Wood Table Home Handicraft

Wahyu Putra Handicraft Company, Big handicraft, Handicraft CompanySince its establishment in 2003, Wahyu Putra has been focusing on Home Furnishing products such as tray, candle stand, flower vase, photograph frame, and other things made from Sonokeling wood.
These Home Decoration products are superior in terms of beauty and durability. The motif of the wood is similar to teak wood but with darker color. Sonokeling wood is also durable and free from wood borers.
With two years experience of running this business, we fully understand the technique to produce good quality products. In order not to break easily and to maintain the wood motif to stand out, we use old Sonokeling wood as the main material. In the drying process we oven the wood for 2 weeks to obtain maximum dryness. After we make products and scour them down to smooth, we give final touch by applying NC substance.
The maintenance of these products is easy. We only have to clean it with dry or wet cloth. In order to get shiny look, we may apply common furniture cleanser while cleaning.
Besides supplying our products to various trading/exporter companies in Yogyakarta, we had sent our products directly to Spain, Australia, and Italy.
If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. When you happen to make a travel to Yogyakarta, we would be happy to see you in the airport or bring you samples to your hotel. Finding our workshop should not be a problem for you. What is more important is that you deal directly with the produces of these products.

WAHYU PUTRA Handicraft company :
Cempluk, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55783
Phone: +62 274 7144067


Almond Aromatherapy Scents, Aromatherapy
Sweet Almond Line Aromatherapy Scents. The scent of sweet creamy almond comforts and nurtures the spirit.

Gading Craft Company, Handicraft CompanyMirrors are most commonly used for personal grooming, decoration, and architecture. Mirrors are used also in some schools of feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment.

Gading Craft collection ranges from wall mirrors to bathroom mirrors. Browse our product catalog to find a mirror that will add sparkle to your home decor, add depth and light to small room spaces, and add glamor to a bathroom.

Kasongan, Jagan, Bangunjiwo, Kasihan, Bantul, Indonesia
Phone/Fax: +62 274 412589


Wine Holder Handicraft, Wood handicraft
Wine Holder Handicraft from iron wood and handicraft products exporter

Aromatherapy Scents Oil, Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy Scents Oil. Sure to cure your headache, with natural essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus, and sweet almond oil to moisturize your skin. Relax with a nice bath, and let the pain melt away. 4 oz.

Rizki Ayu Handicraft Company, Handicraft CompanyBatik motif on cloth medium is common. Rizki Ayu made an innovation by outlining batik motif on wooden media.
All of our products are strong natural and traditional nuances. They are suitable for you who expect the presence of both nuances in the rooms. The use of natural colors such as green, brown, and blue will make the rooms in your house cool. Meanwhile, traditional ethnic nuance radiates from batik motifs that are present in each product of Rizki Ayu.
You may select from various types of wooden batik that are suitable with your expectation. Those types of product range from functional products such as wooden batik bowl, jewelry box, trays and place mats. There are also ornament products such as masks and unique mancala board in the form of various kinds of animal.
Rizki Ayu products are made through several stages to keep good quality. Not less than eight processes we use as quality standard. It begins with the making of sketches manually on wooden media, batik work, boiling, application of granit, coloring, boiling again, and a three times eco-friendly non toxic finishing process. All of the processes result in smooth texture when we touch it; it looks like coated with batik cloth. They are different from other products of similar kind in the market with its rough texture when we handle them.
Rizki Ayu exports its products to several countries such as Spain, Germany, and America. Our product capacity reaches 1,500 pieces each month. An achievement requiring hard work to obtain it.
Rizki Ayu keeps on improving the quality and production capacity. We have done all these to make more parties acknowledge the beauty of our wooden batik.

RIZKI AYU Handicraft Company :
Office: Jl. Langenarjan Lor No. 24 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Phone/Fax: +62 274 371685

Jl. Parangtritis Km 6 Prancak, Glondong, Sewon, Bantul, Indonesia.
Phone/fax: +62 274 414582.


Telephone Stand with Seat, Wood Handicraft
Telephone Stand with Seat from iron wood and kamagong wood

Aromatherapy Stress, Aromatherapy
Lavender and Vanilla - a sweet, earthy blend known for its calming effects, nervous tension relief, even lifting mild depression. Good to Aromatherapy stress in Natural Handicraft

Book Shelf wood Handicraft, Wood Handicraft
Book Shelf from wood to Homemade Handicraft

Relaxation Bath Salts, Aromatherapy
This special Relaxation Blend will calm your senses after a long day. Made with natural essential oils of lavender, vanilla, and other known soothers, and European spa salts harvested from the Mediterranean Sea. Lavender is known for its calming affects, nervous tension relief, even lifting mild depression. Perfect before bedtime. 8 oz.

Leather Puppet Painting, Leather Handicraft
Puppet painting of a beautiful cow hide and has a natural artistic value and handicrafts made of natural materials are also.

Antique Leather Puppet, leather puppet
Beautiful Antique Leather Puppet in Natural Handicraft

Wood Sofa Chair, wood handicraft
Antique Wood Sofa Chair in Homemade Handicraft

Sundanese Wooden Puppet, Wood handicraft
Beautiful Sundanese Wooden Puppet

Traditional Javanese Puppet, Leather Handicraft
Traditional Javanese Puppet made of leather

Javanese Fan Handicraft, Leather Handicraft
Javanese Hand Fan leather Handicraft

Balinese Wooden Wall, wood Handicraft
Balinese natural Handicraft Wooden Wall

Natural Ceiling Lamp
Natural Ceiling Lamp with Round Natural Model

Natural Ceiling Lamp, Ceiling Lamp
Antique Natural Ceiling Lamp with Round Model

Antique  Wood Vase Handicraft, wood handicraftAntique Flower vase made of wood shaped into vases and ornate floral carvings. Impression to be shown on this vase is a natural and elegant

Balinese Musicians Statues, Garden Statues
Balinese Musicians Statues made of Clay

Hand Fans Handicraft, Leather Handicraft
Hand Fans Handicraft from leather and Batik Design

Antique Vase Homemade Handicraft, Clay HandicraftAntique Flower vase made of clay that was formed with a simple black and decorated with a dragon antique handicrafts and natural impression.

Coconut Shell Cup, Coconut Handicraft
Coconut Shell Cup in Natural Homemade Handicraft Model 1

Coconut Shell Cup #2, Coconut Handicraft
Coconut Shell Cup in Natural Homemade Handicraft Model 2

Sisal Natural Table Lamp, Antique Table Lamp
Sisal Natural Table Lamp Of Handicraft Products Handmade

Sisal Table Mat Of Homemade Handicraft, Handcraft
Sisal Table Mat Of Homemade Handicraft. Sisal Fiber is extracted from the leaves of Sisal Plant. The fibers are extracted through hand extraction machine composed of either serrated or non serrated knives. The peel is clamped between the wood plank and knife and hand-pulled through.
The extracted fibers are sun-dried which whitens the fiber. Once dried, the fibers are ready for cutting. A bunch of fibers are mounted or clamped on a stick to facilitate segregation.
Each fiber is separated according to fiber sizes and grouped accordingly. To knot the fiber, each fiber is separated and knotted to the end of another fiber manually. The separation and is repeated until bunches of fibers are finished to form a long continuous strand. This Sisal fiber can be used for making variety of products.

Table Mat Natural Handicraft, stalk is taken from a variety of Palm Tree. This stalk is 10-12 meters long. They are cut according to our required length and soaked in water for 60 days. The fiber is manually taken from the soaked stalk and dried under sun. The pith from the fiber is removed using nail brush. The fiber can now be used for weaving using hand loom.

Table Mat Natural Handicraft green white color, Handmade Handicraft
Table Mat Natural Handicraft green white color.

Table Mat Natural Handicraft in Natural color, Handmade Handicraft
Table Mat Natural Handicraft in Natural color.

Table Mat Natural Handicraft in Line Motif, Handmade Handicraft
Table Mat Natural Handicraft in Line Motif

Orange Cucumber Salt Scrub, Aromatherapy
Sweet orange's gentle, clarifying nature cheers the heart and brightens the mood. This light, fresh scent is made with orange, lemon and grain natural essential oils, European Spa Salts from the Mediterranean Sea, and Sweet Almond Oil. Reveal youthful, moisturized skin.

Balinese Wooden Window, wood handicraft
Balinese Wooden Window in Natural Handicraft

Antique marble table, Antique TableAntique marble table in Handicraft Product

Terracotta Garden Pot, Terracotta
Clay used to make models of Terracotta Garden Pot

Terracotta Hanging Bell,Clay Handicraft
Clay used to make models of Terracotta Hanging Bell

Terracotta Horse, Clay Handicraft
Terracotta Horse in Natural Handicraft Product

Terracotta Hut, Clay Handicraft
Terracotta Hut in Natural Handicraft Product

Terracotta Lady Face Vase, Terracotta
Terracotta Lady Face Vase in Natural Handicraft

Terracotta Ashtray, Terracotta
Terracotta Ashtray in Antique Natural Handicraft

Terracotta Elephant Vase, Terracotta
Clay used to make models of elephants Vase Terracotta products

Natural Rattan Chair, Antique Chair
Natural Rattan Chair in natural handicraft contemporary furniture

Balinese Umbrella, garden ornament
Balinese umbrella Handicraft to decorate the garden and swimming pool

Handicraft Buddha, Garden Statues
Handicraft Buddha of Garden Statues

Wood Garden Chair, Wood handicraft
Wood Garden Chair in natural handicraft furniture